Status quo and challenges in air transport management research

Wandelt, Sebastian; Antoniou, Constantinos; Birolini, Sebastian; Delahaye, Daniel; Dresner, Martin; Fu, Xiaowen; Gössling, Stefan; Hong, Seock-Jin; Odoni, Amedeo R.; Zanin, Massimiliano; Zhang, Anming; Zhang, Hui; Zhang, Yahua; Sun, Xiaoqian
Journal of the Air Transport Research Society 2, 100014 (2024)

Air transport management research, concerned with all facets of aviation operations, policies, and strategies, is an essential element of making our aviation system more sustainable and preparing it for the challenges inherent to the present and future. Based on a data-driven categorization of almost 2,000 papers published on the subject, we discuss the status quo in air transport management research. Through our data-driven categorization we have identified 15 broad topics. For each topic, we provide a description of the state of the art and propose 2-3 challenges, respectively. Overall, our study provides a set of 35 challenges to the research community. Accordingly, we hope and believe that our study makes a valuable contribution, mainly by guiding the air transport management research community towards a delineated work plan on the research landscape of air transport as well as the present challenges, ultimately helping to improve the global air transport system.

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