Spontaneous synchronization and quantum correlation dynamics of open spin systems

Giorgi,G. L.; Plastina, F.; Francica, G.; Zambrini, R.
Physical Review A 88, 042115 (1-9) (2013)

We discuss the emergence of spontaneous synchronization for an open spin-pair system interacting only via a common environment. Under suitable conditions, and even in the presence of detuning between the natural precession frequencies of the two spins, they are shown to reach a long-lasting transient behavior where they oscillate in phase. We explore the connection between the emergence of such a behavior and the establishment of robust quantum correlations between the two spins, analyzing differences between dissipative and dephasing effects. In particular, in the regime in which synchronization occurs, quantum correlations are more robust for shorter synchronization times and this is related to a separation between system decay rates.

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