Self-Pulsating Semiconductor Lasers: Theory and Experiment

Mirasso, C; van Tartwijk, G., Hernandez-Garcia, E., Lenstra, D; Lynch, S.; Landais, P.; Phelan, P.; O´Gorman, J.; San Miguel, M.; and Elsasser, W.
IEEE J. Quantum Electron. 35, 764-770 (1999)

We report detailed measurements of the pump-current dependency of the self-pulsating frequency of semiconductor CD lasers. A distinct kink in this dependence is found and explained using rate-equation model. The kink denotes a transition between a region where the self-pulsations are weakly sustained relaxation oscillations and a region where Q-switching takes place. Simulations show that spontaneous emission noise plays a crucial role for the cross-over.

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