Partition of Two Interacting Electrons by a Potential Barrier

Ryu, Sungguen; Sim, H.-S.
Physical Review Letters 129, 166801 (2022)

Scattering or tunneling of an electron at a potential barrier is a fundamental quantum effect. Electron-electron interactions often affect the scattering, and understanding of the interaction effect is crucial in detection of various phenomena of electron transport and their application to electron quantum optics. We theoretically study the partition and collision of two interacting hot electrons at a potential barrier. We predict their kinetic energy change by their Coulomb interaction during the scattering delay time inside the barrier. The energy change results in characteristic deviation of the partition probabilities from the noninteracting case. The derivation includes nonmonotonic dependence of the probabilities on the barrier height, which qualitatively agrees with recent experiments, and reduction of the fermionic antibunching.

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