Non-Hermitian laser arrays with tunable phase locking

Longhi, Stefano
Optics Letters 47, 2040-2043 (2022)

Inspired by the idea of non-Hermitian spectral engineering and non-Hermitian skin e ect, a novel design for stable emission of coupled laser arrays with tunable phase locking and strong supermode competition suppression is suggested.We consider a linear array of coupled resonators with asymmetric mode coupling displaying the non-Hermitian skin e ect and show that, under suitable tailoring of complex frequencies of the two edge resonators, the laser array can stably emit in a single extended supermode with tunable phase locking and with strong suppression of all other skin supermodes. The proposed laser array design o ers strong robustness against both structural imperfections of the system and dynamical instabilities typical of semiconductor laser arrays.

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