Network analysis of marine megafauna movement

Lina Estefanía Navarro Alvarado (J.P. Rodríguez; V.M. Eguíluz)
Master Thesis (2022)

Faced with the decrease in the populations of migratory marine species in recent decades,
there is a call to increase conservation efforts, which includes synthesizing, quantifying and
integrating information on the movement and connectivity of marine animals. In this way,
network analysis is a tool that can be applied in this context because it allows the
characterization of the structure and dynamics, including connectivity, of spatial systems as
a function of the interactions of their components. Then, the aim of this work is to build and
describe the network made up of different species of migratory marine animals on a global
and regional scale and with this generate information for the understanding of the movement
and connectivity of these species.

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