Lagrangian transport of sinking particles. From theoretical characterization to oceanic applications

de la Fuente, Rebeca (Supervisors: Cristobal Lopez and Emilio Hernandez-Garcia)
PhD Thesis (2022)

The vertical transport of particles plays a key role in the major mechanisms driving biogeophysical cycles in the ocean and contributes to the distribution of pollutants and its accumulation on the ocean bottom. Most of theoretical models analyzing the global patterns of ocean circulation are restricted to surface waters. While available data from satellite altimetry and sediment traps are scarce below surface waters, Lagrangian particle tracking over the three-dimensional space may cover some gaps in our knowledge and better address future experimental research. The aim of this thesis is to analyze the vertical transport of particles in the ocean with tools of Statistical Physics and Dynamical Systems, and by providing a theoretical characterization of transport for particles that are immersed in a three-dimensional fluid and travel in a preferential direction of motion.

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