Hole recapture limited single photon generation from a single n-type charge-tunable quantum dot

Dalgarno, PA ; McFarlane, J; Brunner, D; Lambert, RW; Gerardot, BD; Warburton, RJ; Karrai, K; Badolato, A; Petroff, PM
Applied Physics Letters 92, 193103 (1-3) (2008)

The complete control of the electron occupation of a single InGaAs dot is shown to produce highly antibunched single photon emission with nonresonant optical excitation. Intensity correlation measurements show g(2)(0) values of 3% (50%) at low (high) excitation power. A distinct double peak structure is shown at time zero, demonstrating that although two photons may be emitted per excitation pulse, they are not simultaneously emitted. We interpret this feature as a hole recapture process from the wetting layer into the dot after initial recombination. The recapture dynamics is shown to be adjustable through engineering the valence potential.

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