Dynamical Casimir–Polder potentials in non-adiabatic conditions

Messina, Riccardo; Passante, Roberto; Rizzuto, Lucia; Spagnolo, Salvatore; Vasile, Ruggero
Physica Scripta 2014, 014032 (1-4) (2014)

In this paper we review different aspects of the dynamical Casimir–Polder potential between a neutral atom and a perfectly conducting plate under nonequilibrium conditions. In order to calculate the time evolution of the atom–wall Casimir–Polder potential, we solve the Heisenberg equations describing the dynamics of the coupled system using an iterative technique. Different nonequilibrium initial states are considered, such as bare and partially dressed states. The partially dressed states considered are obtained by a sudden change of a physical parameter of the atom or of its position relative to the conducting plate. Experimental feasibility of detecting the considered dynamical effects is also discussed.

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