Distribution of growth directions in meadows of clonal plants

Ruiz-Reynés, Daniel; Gomila Damià
Physical Review E 100, 052208 (2019)

Clonal growth plants are abundant in both terrestrial and marine ecosystems. Some marine species are particularly important since they provide important ecosystem services in the shores of all continents except Antarctica. For the appropriate modelization of clonal growth the discretization of the growth direction angle has to be carefully treated to correctly describe the dynamics of the meadow. Specifically, determining the minimum number of growth directions is important to maximize the efficiency of numerical simulations.
We show that the presence of neutral modes in the growth direction angle tends to uniform the distribution of the growth directions in presence of noise, allowing to chose the minimal number of discrete angles compatible with the branching. We also show that the formation of spatial patterns induces small differences in the population density within these different growth directions.

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