Competition between drift and spatial defects leads to oscillatory and excitable dynamics of dissipative solitons

Parra-Rivas, P.; Gomila, D.; Matias M.A.; Colet, P.; Gelens, L.
Physical Review E 93, 012211 (1-17) (2016)

We have recently reported in [PRL 110, 064103 (2013)] that in systems which otherwise do not show oscillatory dynamics, the interplay between pinning to a defect and pulling by drift allows the system to exhibit excitability and oscillations.
Here, we build on this work and present a detailed bifurcation analysis of the various dynamical instabilities that result from the competition between a pulling force generated by the drift and a pinning of the solitons to spatial defects. We show that oscillatory and excitable dynamics of dissipative solitons find their origin in multiple codimension-two bifurcation points.
Moreover, we demonstrate that these mechanisms
leading to these dynamical regimes are generic for any system admitting dissipative solitons.

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