Absorbing phase transition in the coupled dynamics of node and link states in random networks

Meghdad Saeedian , Maxi San Miguel, and Raul Toral
Scientific Reports 9, 9726 (2019)

We present a stochastic dynamics model of coupled evolution for the binary states of nodes and links in a complex network. In the context of opinion formation node states represent two possible opinions and link states a positive or negative relation. Dynamics proceeds via node and link state update towards pairwise satisfactory relations in which nodes in the same state are connected by positive links or nodes in different states are connected by negative links. By a mean-field rate equations analysis and Monte Carlo simulations in random networks we find an absorbing phase transition from a dynamically active phase to an absorbing phase. The transition occurs for a critical value of the relative time scale for node and link state updates. In the absorbing phase the order parameter, measuring global order, approaches exponentially the final frozen configuration. Finite size effects are such that in the absorbing phase the final configuration is reached in a characteristic time that scales logarithmically with system size, while in the active phase, finite-size fluctuation take the system to a frozen configuration in a characteristic time that grows exponentially with system size. There is also a finite-size topological transition associated with group splitting in the network of these final frozen configurations.

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