A symbolic information approach to determine anticipated and delayed synchronization in neuronal circuit models

Montani, F.; Rosso, O.; Matias, F. S.; Bressler, S. and Mirasso, C. R.
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A 373, 20150110 (2015)

The phenomenon of synchronization between two or more areas of the brain coupled asymmetrically is a relevant issue for understanding mechanisms and functions within the cerebral cortex. Anticipated synchronization (AS) refers to the situation in which the receiver system synchronizes to the future dynamics of the sender system while the intuitively expected delayed synchronization (DS) represents exactly the opposite case. AS and DS are investigated in the context of causal information formalism. More specifically, we use a multi-scale symbolic
information-theory approach for discriminating the time delay displayed between two areas of the brain
when they exchange information.

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