Eva Llabrés

Eva María Llabrés Llambías
  • Campus Universitat de les Illes Balears
    E-07122 Palma de Mallorca. Spain
  • Supervisor: Tomás Sintes

     In Nov 2018, I received a Ph.D. cum laude in theoretical high energy physics from the University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands) on the subject of quantum gravity. Afterward, I was a post-doctoral researcher at CEA Paris-Saclay (France) for two years (2019-2020), working in the String theory group in the Institute of Theoretical Physics. During these years, I studied a broad range of topics, such as black holes, quantum chaos in gravitational systems, and the emergence of space-time, on which I have highly cited contributions in prestigious journals. I have been involved in different types of research projects, working in collaboration with world-class researchers in the field, as well as initiating my own independent scientific activity, resulting in a single-authored paper. I also participated in visiting programs of internationally recognized institutions, such as the Perimeter Institute (Canada) and the Galileo Galilei Institute (Italy).

      My passion for science, which guided me into my academic career in quantum gravity, also drew me towards problems of applied science. Mainly driven by my curiosity towards ecological problems, I became interested in the fields of complex systems and non-linear physics. Since Sept 2020, I have been a post-doctoral researcher at the Institute for Cross-Disciplinary Physics and Complex Systems (IFISC, Spain), which has a strong reputation for cutting-edge research at the frontiers of physics with other scientific areas. At the IFISC, I collaborate with marine ecologists from the Institute of Advanced Mediterranean Studies (IMEDEA, Spain), developing mathematical models that provide a theoretical framework to study the dynamics of seagrass meadows and other clonal plants. Seagrasses, such as Posidonia oceanica, are a key element in the Mediterranean sea, and the demise of its population has complex implications, not only for marine ecosystems, also for society. Our results are expected to contribute to making better and informed decisions related to the sustainable management of coastal zones.

Projectes de recerca recents i vigents


Complex DYnamics of CoastaL Ecosystems: Resilience to Climate Change. Modelling and Simulations.

I.P.: Damià Gomila, Tomás Sintes
Complex Dynamics of Coastal Ecosystems: Resilience to Climate Change (CYCLE) is a coordinated multidisciplinary research project that brings together the efforts of experts in the fields of marine ecology and the physics ...


SEagrass DIversity in the MEditerranean basin in a global change scenario: a machine learNing approach from saTellite images

I.P.: Manuel Matías, Tomás Sintes
The main challenge of this project is to correlate the changes in the sea surface temperature (SST) in the Mediterranean basin with the spatial distribution and size of different seagrass species. We ...


Maria de Maeztu 2023-2026

I.P.: Ernesto Estrada, Ingo Fischer, Emilio Hernández-García, Rosa Lopez, Claudio Mirasso, Jose Javier Ramasco, Raúl Toral, Roberta Zambrini
After 15 years of its existence, IFISC can point to a proven track record of impactful research. The previous 2018-2022 MdM award has significantly enhanced the institute's capabilities, as demonstrated by an ...

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