Temporal activity patterns in social dynamics

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Advisors: Maxi San Miguel and Jose Javier Ramasco

Jury: Alex Arenas, Marton Karsai, Sandro Meloni

In this thesis, we investigate social model dynamics  through the lens of the statistical physics of collective phenomena. We put special emphasis on the temporal dimension. On the one hand, we study the behaviors that emerge from the modification of temporal interaction patterns among agents. On the other hand we analyze the first-passage time properties of different models, being able to classify their functionality in terms of few elements. Our results evince the need to include realistic temporal interaction statistics in the modeling, since their absence can lead to wrong or misleading conclusions.

Place: Seminar room IFISC (space limited to 14 assistants)

Online: https://uibuniversitat.zoom.us/j/92885504388?pwd=aVBwWlRkcDZvQkdEaG8zRGFHRmppQT09

Detalls de contacte:

Jose Javier Ramasco
971 25 98 86
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