Quantum Brownian motion in Bose Einstein condensates

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A Quantum Brownian (QB) motion approach is employed to study the Bose polaron problem. The original problem is transformed into one where impurities are treated as QB particles interacting with a bath, composed of the Bogoliubov modes of the Bose Einstein Condensate (BEC). By examining the relevant equations of motion, we were able to study the system at the long-time limit. In our studies, we considered both a free BEC and a harmonically trapped one. Taking advantage of the above viewpoint, we studied a number of different Bose-polaron related phenomena and showed how various microdevices can be constructed and controlled in this setting. In the first project, we studied the creation of entanglement and squeezing of two uncoupled impurities that are immersed in a single common BEC bath. In our second work, we identified ways to control the subdiffusive behavior of a Bose Polaron immersed in a coherently coupled two-component BEC. In a third project, we introduced a novel minimally disturbing method for sub-nK thermometry in a BEC. Finally, we investigated the heat transport and the control of a heat current through two impurities, each one immersed in its own trapped BEC, where each of the BECs is kept at a different temperature.

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Llorenç Serra

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