Bitcoin is not (just) about money

  • Talk

  • Matteo Toto
  • CTO of Vulpern Ventures
  • 21 de maig de 2018 a les 14:30
  • IFISC Seminar Room
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Bitcoin is a revolution that is not led by a company or a single carismatic leader, but by technology itself and a bunch of mostly anonymous mathematicians, physicists, and computer scientists.
Bitcoin is a protocol that brings complete freedom to the exchange of value, decentralising the responsibilities of banks and istitutions giving the control to algorithms running on a distributed P2P network.
This goal is possible due to a combination of Blockchain, Cryptography, and Digital currencies .
We are going to talk about how these technologies work together to run an autonomous censorship resistant network, and how the decentralisation paradigm is implemented in real world problems.

Matteo Toto is the CTO of Vulpem Ventures, a company specialized in developing blockchain technology.
The aim of the group is to build layers of abstractions and applications, in order to use it as engines to solve several real world problems, without needing the end user to understand the underlying complexity.

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Llorenç Serra
971 17 28 05
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