IFISC Winter Solstice Seminar

1.- M. Zanin. Algorithmic Approaches for Assessing Irreversibility in Time Series

2.- E. Estrada. Path Laplacians versus fractional Laplacians as nonlocal operators on networks

3.- I. Fischer. Deep neural networks using a single neuron: folded-in-time architecture using feedback-modulated delay loops.

4.- R. Zambrini. Dynamical Phase Transitions in Quantum Reservoir Computing

5.- Ll. Serra. Fabry–Pérot interferometry with gate-tunable 3D topological insulator nanowires

6.- C. Lopez. Lagrangian betweenness as a measure of bottlenecks in dynamical systems with oceanographic examples

7.- J. Fernández-Gracia. The global network of ports supporting high seas fishing

8.- M. Matias. Modelling Parasite-produced Marine Diseases: The case of the Mass Mortality Event of Pinna nobilis

9.- S. Meloni. An ecological approach to structural flexibility in online communication systems

10.- L. Lacasa. A population-based controlled experiment assessing the epidemiological impact of digital contact tracing

11.- D. Sanchez. Capturing the diversity of multilingual societies

12. T. Galla. Geospatial distributions reflect temperatures of linguistic features



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Tobias Galla

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