Ecological dynamics in cancer-immune interactions

  • IFISC Seminar

  • Guim Aguadé Gorgorió
  • L’Institut des Sciences de l’Evolution de Montpellier, Université de Montpellier
  • 30 de novembre de 2022 a les 14:30
  • IFISC Seminar Room
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Immunotherapy is one of today’s most promising strategies of cancer treatment. Very broadly, it involves harnessing the host immune system to systematically eradicate tumor cells. However, the complexity underlying this apparently simple process is immense, and the instability and heterogeneity of cancer and immune populations represent one of the main challenges ahead. In this brief talk I will discuss how mathematical models of ecological dynamics are helping us understand tumor-immune interactions, and how lessons learned in community ecology and mathematical virology could equip us with the necessary tools to target the next major questions in cancer immunotherapy.

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Tobias Galla

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