Beyond simple dynamics: coevolutionary dynamics


For years, simple models have been used successfully to describe a plethora of phenomena taking place in complex systems. For instance, models like the Kuramoto model or the Prisoner's Dilemma game have been used as paradigms to study the emergence of synchronization and cooperation in populations of elements interacting with each other. Despite the achievements of the reductionist approach, there is a whole set of problems/phenomena that cannot be tackled/understood in terms of a single (simple) type of dynamical process. For instance, the spontaneous adoption of vaccines cannot be fully understood if we model it as a mere response to a cost over benefit analysis. To address more complex phenomena, we need to move beyond simple dynamical processes by intertwining two (or more) of them together using a coevolutionary approach. In this talk, I will present some examples of coevolutionary dynamics models and show how the phenomenology observed combining two dynamical processes together is, quoting Anderson's famous motto, "more than the sum of its parts" which constitutes one of the hallmarks of complexity.

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Sandro Meloni

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