Fluctuation theorems and large-deviation functions in systems not featuring a steady state IFISC Seminar 11 de desembre de 2019 a les 14:30

Horacio S. Wio , IFISC

Dynamics of Posidonia oceanica meadows PhD Thesis Defense 13 de desembre de 2019 a les 10:30

Daniel Ruiz-Reynés , IFISC (CSIC-UIB)

IFISC winter solstice seminar IFISC Seminar 19 de desembre de 2019 a les 12:30

IFISC Researchers , IFISC (CSIC-UIB)

Reservoir computing from the perspective of Deep Learning IFISC Colloquium 19 de febrer de 2020 a les 15:00

Wolfgang Maas , Institute for Theoretical Computer Science, Graz University of Technology

A multi-level network perspective on complex urban systems IFISC Colloquium 20 de maig de 2020 a les 15:00

Céline Rozenblat , Institute of Geography and Sustainability, University of Lausanne

Learning and artificial intelligence in the quantum domain IFISC Colloquium 10 de juny de 2020 a les 15:00

Hans J. Briegel , Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Innsbruck and Department of Philosophy, University of Konstanz

Changing the paradigms of seagrass reproduction: examples from Western Australia Talk 7 de novembre de 2003 a les 12:30

Diana Walker

Formacion de estructuras espacio-temporales en reactores quimicos Talk 5 de novembre de 2003 a les 14:30

Marcelo Kuperman , Centro Atomico Bariloche e Instituto Balseiro, Argentina

Long term trends in great skua Catharacta skua diets and the role of commercial fishery discards Talk 21 de octubre de 2003 a les 11:00

Dr , Steve Votier (Glasgow University, Scotland, UK

Forcing Reaction-Diffusion media with light: nonlocal coupling and symmetry breaking of Turing patterns Talk 15 de octubre de 2003 a les 15:00

Ernesto Nicola , Dept. Estructura i Constituients de la Materia, Univ. de Barcelona

Entangled atoms as a source of single photons and entangled pairs on demand Talk 15 de octubre de 2003 a les 12:00

Mark Saffman , Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison, USA

On the derivation of amplitude equations for nonlinear oscillators Talk 14 de octubre de 2003 a les 15:00

Catalina Mayol

Hybrid pattern-forming systems Talk 10 de octubre de 2003 a les 15:00

Prof , L.M. Pismen, Department of Chemical Engineering Technion,Israel Institute of Technology,Haifa

Dynamic Scaling, roughening and high-dimensional chaotic systems Talk 8 de octubre de 2003 a les 15:00

Juan M , López, Instituto de Física de Cantabria (CSIC-UC

The potential roles of clonal growth and seedling recruitment in reduced fragmentation of seagrass meadows in Western Australia Talk 8 de octubre de 2003 a les 12:30

Dr , Gary Kendrick (University of Western Australia

Vegetation Patterns, Ecosystem Engineers, and Species Richness: A Pattern Formation Approach Interdepartamental 7 de octubre de 2003 a les 15:00

Prof , Ehud Meron,Dept. of Solar Energy&Environmental Physics, and Dept. of Physics, Ben Gurion Univ.

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