Junior postdoc position within the research project `Physics Approach to Complexity in Sociotechnical Systems’ (PACSS)

IFISC offers a postdoc position to work on the research project Physics Approach to Complexity in Sociotechnical Systems (PACSS). Topics include: Stochastic modeling, game theory and evolutionary dynamics, coevolution of network topology and dynamics, cities and mobility, power grid stability, epidemic spreading, language evolution and competition, competition for attention, social ecology, complex contagion and group interaction.

Candidates interested in these topics (or closely related questions) will work with one or several of the senior researchers in this project: Pere Colet, Tobias Galla, Sandro Meloni, Jose J. Ramasco, Maxi San Miguel and Raul Toral.

Candidates are requested submit the following documents to pacss@ifisc.uib-csic.es

- Curriculum vitae 

- Brief proposal (maximum 1 page) including
      + Motivation to work at IFISC
      + Research interests. 

- Names of two senior scientists who can provide references for the applicant

We offer a contract of up to one year, until December 31st 2021. This is the end date of the project. The gross annual salary is 30210€, according to CSIC scales. The contract includes all benefits of the Spanish Public Health and Social Security systems. There is associated additional financial support for the participation in conferences and scientific meetings.

Applications are welcome until the position is filled.

Start date: as soon as possible, and preferably no later than January 2021. 

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