Adaptive Optical Dendrites (ADOPD) Junior Postdoc position

IFISC offers a postdoc position to work on the H2020 research project Adaptive Optical Dendrites (ADOPD). This is a FET-Open European project on optical information processing and we are looking for researchers with a solid background on theoretical aspects in photonics, involving but not limited to, single and multimode optical fibres transmission, modelling photonic devices, etc. More info at:

Interested candidates will work with senior researchers Claudio Mirasso and Miguel C. Soriano.

Candidates are requested to submit Curriculum vitae and names of two senior scientists who can provide references to

We offer a contract of up to two years (one + one format). The annual gross salary will be 30.000 Euros. The contract includes all benefits of the Spanish Public Health and Social Security systems. There is associated additional financial support for the participation in conferences and scientific meetings.

Preferable starting date, beginning of 2022 or before.

Applications are welcome until the position is filled.


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