Synchronization of Spatiotemporal Chaos: The regime of coupled Spatiotemporal Intermittency

Amengual, A.; Hernández-García, E.; Montagne, R.; San Miguel, M.
Physical Review Letters 78, 4379-4382 (1997)

Synchronization of spatiotemporally chaotic extended systems is considered in
the context of coupled one-dimensional
Complex Ginzburg-Landau equations (CGLE). A regime of
coupled spatiotemporal intermittency (STI) is identified and described in terms
of the space-time synchronized chaotic motion of localized structures.
A quantitative measure of synchronization as a function of coupling
parameter is given through distribution functions and information measures.
The coupled STI regime is shown to dissapear into regular dynamics for
situations of strong coupling, hence a description in terms of a single
CGLE is not appropiate.

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