Self-assembly of polymer-like structures of magnetic colloids: Langevin dynamics study of basic topologies.

Rozhkov, D. A.; Pyanzina, E. S.; Novak, E.V.; Cerdà, J.J.; Sintes, Tomas; Ronti, M. ; Sciortino, F. ; Sanchez, P.A.; Kantorovich, S. S.
Molecular Simulation 44, 507-515 (2018)

We study the self-assembly of colloidal magnetic particles permanently cross-linked into polymer-like structures with different topologies, that we call supracolloidal magnetic polymers (SMPs). In order to understand the influence of the interparticle permanent links, we investigate SMPs holding the main topologies observed in the self-assembly of non-cross-linked magnetic particles via grand canonical Monte Carlo simulations: chains, rings and simple branched structures. Here, using molecular dynamics simulations, we focus on systems of SMP pairs. Our results evidence that the presence of crosslinkers leads to the formation of new types of aggregates, not previously observed for individual magnetic colloids.

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