Order parameter expansion and finite-size scaling study of coherent dynamics induced by quenched noise in the active rotator model

Komin, Niko; Toral, Raúl
Physical Review E 82, 051127 (1-8) (2010)

We use a recently developed order parameter expansion method to study the transition to synchronous firing occurring in a system of coupled active rotators under the exclusive presence of quenched noise. The method predicts correctly the existence of a transition from a rest state to a regime of synchronous firing and another transition out of it as the intensity of the quenched noise increases and leads to analytical expressions for the critical noise intensities in the large coupling regime. It also predicts the order of the transitions for different probability distribution functions of the quenched variables. Using numerical simulations and finite-size scaling theory to estimate the critical exponents of the transitions, we found values which are consistent with those reported in other scalar systems in the exclusive presence of additive static disorder.

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