Dispersive bands of bound states in the continuum

Longhi, Stefano
Nanophotonics 10, 4241-4249 (2021)

Bound states in the continuum (BICs), i.e. highly-localized modes with energy embedded in the continuum of radiating waves, have provided in the past decade a new paradigm in optics and photonics, especially at the nanoscale, with a range of applications from nanophotonics to optical sensing and laser design. Here, we introduce the idea of a crystal made of BICs, in which an array of BICs is indirectly coupled via a common continuum of states resulting in a tight-binding dispersive energy miniband embedded in the spectrum of radiating waves. The results are illustrated for a chain of optical cavities side-coupled to a coupled-resonator optical waveguide with nonlocal contact points.

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