The Knowledge Acquisition process from a Complex System perspective

The process of acquiring knowledge is one of the most complex for the human being since it involves individual and social processes that have been studied by various epistemological currents. The educational context where this process is developed is of great relevance since it represents the meeting space between teachers and students, in which a fundamental part of the construction of new knowledge occurs. On this occasion, I will share the results of the works published during the time I was working in this area, which, although it has been little explored from complex systems, offers a phenomenological richness that is not indifferent to us. We will start by proposing the modeling of the knowledge acquisition process in a known regular educational context and then move on to how this process was affected during the COVID-19 pandemic. These works shed light on the internal dynamics of the classroom and allow us to understand some global aspects of the teaching-learning process.

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Jose Javier Ramasco

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