Modelling parasite-produced marine diseases of immobile hosts

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Parasite-produced marine infectious diseases pose a substantial threat to marine ecosystems and the conservation of their biodiversity. The state of the art of epidemiological studies in marine ecosystems lags behind that of their terrestrial counterparts, and only recently some none-spatial compartmental models have been proposed to describe this kind of epidemics. Furthermore, in realistic situations, epidemic transmission is conditioned by the spatial distribution of hosts, the parasites mobility patterns and the inherent stochasticity of the epidemic process. Here we developed a compartmental model for parasite-induced marine diseases of immobile hosts. First, we study in depth the non spatial version of the model based on a system of ODE’s, finding some conserved quantities of the model and some exact and approximate reductions. Then, we study the spatially-explicit version based on an individual-based model to investigate the impact of spatial disease transmission compared to the non-spatial counterpart.

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Manuel Matías

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