CANCELLED-- Diversification on Networks

New structures emerge at any level across space and time. Many physical, chemical and biological processes underlie such an emergence of new structures and the rate at which these structures form, are maintained and die are key to understand diversification. Are there shared mechanisms driving diversification among all these systems? In Biology, how do new species form? How are they maintained? Which are the key processes to understand diversification in ecosystems? I will introduce diversification patterns, from brains to genomes, species and communities with special attention to empirical patterns currently challenging existing theories. I will then discuss landscape genetic models based on migration traits and demographic stochasticity accounting for the genome evolution and assortative mating to map diversification rates in space. Finally, I will discuss the emerging challenges of models aiming to narrow down the distance between micro- and macro-evolution and between niche- and hybrid-driven diversification in the context of emerging multidimensional trait evolution.

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Víctor M. Eguíluz
971 25 98 38
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