Statistical Properties of low Frequency Fluctuations under Single Mode Operation in DFB lasers: Experiments and Modelling

Heil, T.; Mulet, J.; Fischer, I.; Elsasser, W. and Mirasso, C.R.
Optics Letters 24, 1275 (1999)

Extensive experimental and numerical investigations of feedback-induced instabilities in single-mode distributed-feedback lasers are presented that confirm the basic assumptions of the Lang Kobayashi model. We give experimental evidence of the occurrence of low-frequency f luctuation (LFF), alternation between LFF and stable emission, and coherence collapse during single-mode operation of the laser. We have obtained quantitative agreement between modeling and experiment in long-time statistical investigations of the time intervals between subsequent LFF dropouts. In particular, we show that even the dependence of the dynamics on the injection current, which results in a scaling law, is quantitatively identical in modeling and experiment.

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