Quantum synchronization as a local signature of super and subradiance

Bellomo, B.; Giorgi, G. L.; Palma, G. M., Zambrini, R.
Physical Review A 95, 043807 (1-11) (2017)

We study the relationship between the collective phenomena of super- and subradiance and spontaneous synchronization of quantum systems. To this aim we revisit the case of two detuned qubits interacting through a pure dissipative bosonic environment, which contains the minimal ingredients for our analysis. By using the Liouville formalism, we are able to find analytically the ultimate connection between these phenomena. We find that dynamical synchronization is due to the presence of longstanding coherence between the ground state of the system and the subradiant state. We finally show that, under pure dissipation, the emergence of spontaneous synchronization and of subradiant emission occur on the same time scale. This reciprocity is broken in the presence of dephasing noise.

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