Information sharing in quantum complex networks

Cardillo, Alessio; Galve, Fernando ; Zueco, David; Gómez-Gardeñes, Jesús
Physical Review A 87, 052312 (2013)

We introduce the use of entanglement entropy as a tool for studying the amount of information shared between the nodes of quantum complex networks. By considering the ground state of a network of coupled quantum harmonic oscillators, we compute the information that each node has on the rest of the system. We show that the nodes storing the largest amount of information are not the ones with the highest connectivity, but those with intermediate connectivity, thus breaking down the usual hierarchical picture of classical networks. We show both numerically and analytically that the mutual information characterizes the network topology. As a by-product, our results point out that the amount of information available for an external node connecting to a quantum network allows one to determine the network topology.

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