Inelastic effects on thermoelectric transport through Coulomb systems

Rosselló, Guillem (Supervisor: López, Rosa)
Master Thesis (2015)

Studying the conversion of heat to work and specially harvesting waste heat to be re-used as work has become an increasingly active field of research for its potential applications. Despite considerable effort, the efficiency of thermoelectric still has a lot of room forimprovement, so more investigation is required.
The aim of this work is to present and study the role of inelasticity, introduced by the
environment, in thermoelectric transport properties of a spinful quantum dot (QD). To
this end, we firstly introduce a model for a spinless QD in the Coulomb Blockade regime
and the tools used to describe such a system: a master equation approach within the
P(E) theory. As a next step we present the results of transport through the spinless QD
to be used as a reference for the final results of a spinful QD.

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