Hybrid synchronization in coupled ultracold atomic gases

Qiu, Haibo; Zambrini, Roberta; Polls, Artur; Martorell, Joan; Juliá-Díaz, Bruno
Physical Review A 92, 043619 (1-11) (2015)

We study the time evolution of two coupled many-body quantum systems, one of which is assumed to be Bose condensed. Specifically, we consider two ultracold atomic clouds each populating two localized single-particle states, i.e., a two-component bosonic Josephson junction. The cold atom cloud can retain its coherence when coupled to the condensate and displays synchronization with the latter, differing from usual entrainment. We term this effect among the ultracold and the condensed clouds as hybrid synchronization. The onset of synchronization, which we observe in the evolution of average properties of both gases when increasing their coupling, is found to be related to the many-body properties of the quantum gas, e.g., condensed fraction quantum fluctuations of the particle number differences. We discuss the effects of different initial preparations and the influence of unequal particle numbers for the two clouds, and we explore the dependence on the initial quantum state, e.g., coherent state, squeezed state, and Fock state, finding essentially the same phenomenology in all cases.

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