Heat current through an artificial Kondo impurity beyond linear response

Sierra, M. A.; Sánchez, D.
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 969, 012144 (1-6) (2018)

We investigate the heat current of a strongly interacting quantum dot in the presence of a voltage bias in the Kondo regime. Using the slave-boson mean-field theory, we discuss the behavior of the energy flow and the Joule heating. We find that both contributions to the heat current display interesting symmetry properties under reversal of the applied dc bias. We show that the symmetries arise from the behavior of the dot transmission function. Importantly, the transmission probability is a function of both energy and voltage. This allows us to analyze the heat current in the nonlinear regime of transport. We observe that nonlinearities appear already for voltages smaller than the Kondo temperature. Finally, we suggest to use the contact and electric symmetry coefficients as a way to measure pure energy currents.

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