Exceptional points in 1D arrays of quantum harmonic oscillators

Cabot, Albert; Giorgi, Gian Luca; Longhi, Stefano; Zambrini, Roberta
EPL (Europhysics Letters) 127, 20001 (1-7) (2019)

We consider a one-dimensional (1D) array of coupled quantum harmonic oscillators of arbitrary size in the presence of staggered losses. The dynamics of the system is analyzed thoroughly, through exact solutions in which exceptional points (EPs) are found to greatly impact the system dynamics. In particular, different dynamical regimes arise due to the progressive emergence of EPs varying the interaction strength, also allowing for single frequency emission of all array components. Signatures of these regimes are found in the decay dynamics of the system, in the transmission and fluctuation spectra, and in the emergence of frequency windows where resonant absorption and emission are strongly inhibited because of interference effects.

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