Evidence for Majorana phases in the magnetoconductance of topological junctions based on two-dimensional electron gases

Serra, Llorenç; Delfanazari, Kaveh
Physical Review B 101, 115409(1-8) (2020)

We calculate the linear conductance of a two-dimensional electron-gas-based junction between a normal
semiconductor section and a hybrid semiconductor-superconductor section, under perpendicular magnetic field.
We consider two important terms often neglected in the literature, the magneto-orbital and transverse Rashba
spin-orbit. The strong orbital effect due to the magnetic field yields topological phase transitions to nontrivial
phases hostingMajorana modes in the hybrid section. The presence of a potential barrier at the junction interface
reveals the Majorana phases as quantized plateaus of high conductance, for low values of the chemical potential.
In wide junctions (or large chemical potentials) the phase transitions occur at low magnetic fields but the
magneto-conductance becomes anomalous and lacks clearly quantized plateaus.

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