Dynamical Behavior of Two Distant Mutually-Coupled Semiconductor Lasers

Mulet, J.; Mirasso, C.R.; Heil, T., Fischer, I.
Procs. of SPIE 4283, 293-302 (2001)

In this paper we present numerical and experimental investigations
on the synchronization of the instabilities originated by the
mutual coupling of two semiconductor lasers in face to face
configuration. We have restricted ourselves to the analysis of two
lasers with identical parameters and operating at the same
frequency. Numerical simulations are based on standard rate
equations for each semiconductor laser whereas the mutual
injection is modeled by including delayed optical fields.
Experiments are performed using almost identical Fabry Perot
lasers coupled through the TE component. As soon as the coupling
strength is increased we observe fluctuations in the power
dynamics that appears synchronized except for a small time lag.
This asymmetric operation of the perfectly symmetric system allows
to differentiate between leader and laggard lasers.
Synchronization properties are studied making use of the
synchronization plots and cross-correlation measurements.
Extensive investigations of the dependence of the time traces and
correlation degree on the coupling strength and current level
demonstrate good agreement between numerical and experimental


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