Diversity-induced resonance in a system of globally coupled linear oscillators

Toral, Raul; Hernandez-Garcia, Emilio;Gunton, James D.
International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos 19, 3499-3508 (2009)

The purpose of this paper to analyze in some detail the arguably simplest case of diversity-induced resonance: that of a system of globally-coupled linear oscillators subjected to a periodic forcing. Diversity appears as the parameters characterizing each oscillator, namely its mass, internal frequency and damping coefficient are drawn from a probability distribution. The main ingredients for the diversity-induced-resonance phenomenon are present in this system as the oscillators display a variability in the individual responses but are induced, by the coupling, to synchronize their responses. A steady state solution for this model is obtained. We also determine the conditions under which it is possible to find a resonance effect.

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