Conductance of electrostatic wire junctions in bilayer graphene

Ryu, Sungguen; López, Rosa; Serra, Llorenç
Physical Review B , 035424 (1-8) (2022)

The conductance of electrostatic wire junctions in bilayer graphene, classified as trivial-trivial or trivial-topological regarding the confinement character on each junction side, is calculated. The topological side always corresponds to a kink-antikink system, as required for a proper connection with a trivial side. We report a conductance quench of the trivial-topological junction, with a conductance near quantization to
4e2/h, which is only half of the maximum value allowed by the Chern number of a kink-antikink system. The analysis allowed us to uncover the existence of a chiral edge mode in the trivial wire under quite general conditions. A double junction, trivial-topological-trivial, displays periodic Fano-like conductance resonances (dips or peaks) induced by the created topological loop.

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