Competition between Mediterranean clonal seagrasses

Abio Rojo, Albert (Advisor: Sintes, Tomás)
Master Thesis (2020)

In this master thesis we have presented the results of extensive computer simulations concerning the clonal growth dynamics of seagrass species under different frameworks. We have implemented a microscopic description of the growth process that is controlled by a few set of growth rules and parameters. This modelling is able to provide a full description of the patch growth, including the spatial distribution of shoots and apices, the overall biomass production and the distribution of ramets, that are valuables quantities in order to compare with observational data. We have considered the growth of a single species that has been used as a model test and compared with already existing results. Following, the growth of two seagrass species coexisting in the same region of space has been studied. We have focused on the most common Mediterranean species: Cymodocea nodosa and Posidonia oceanica. In both cases, the inclusion of local interacting term has been considered and its effect has been evaluated. We have proposed a method to implement the cross-interaction among species.

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