Travelling pulses in Type-I excitable media

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Excitability is a property of certain nonlinear dynamical systems with respect to
their response to external perturbations. Excitable systems can be classify in two
classes, Type-I and Type-II, with differentiated dynamical properties and obtained
thought different bifurcations. Excitable media, locally excitable spatial extended
systems, show different regimes in which local perturbation, exceeding a threshold,
can propagate across the medium. Many studies have been carried out in Type-
II excitable media, but much less is know about pulse propagation in the Type-I
case. Recently, a number of vegetation systems compatible with Class-I excitability
have shown travelling pulses, renewing interest in their study.

In this talk we will study the existence of travelling pulses in a Type-I excitable 1D
media. We will consider a general model exhibiting Type-I excitability mediated by two
different scenarios: a homoclinic and a SNIC bifurcations. The stability of these
travelling pulses is associated with the excitable region of the local dynamics.

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Damià Gomila

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