Quantitative comparisons between models and data to provide new insights in cell and developmental biology


Simple mathematical models have had remarkable successes in biology, framing how we understand a host of mechanisms and processes. However, with the advent of a host of new experimental technologies, the last ten years has seen an explosion in the amount and types of quantitative data now being generated. This sets a new challenge for the field – to develop, calibrate and analyse new models to interpret these data. In this talk I will use examples relating to intracellular transport and cell motility to showcase how quantitative comparisons between models and data can help tease apart subtle details of biological mechanisms.


  • T. P. Prescott, K. Zhu, M. Zhao and R. E. Baker (2021). Quantifying the impact of electric fields on single-cell motility. Biophys. J. In press.

  • J. U. Harrison, R. M. Parton, I. Davis and R. E. Baker (2019). Testing models of mRNA localization reveals robustness regulated by reducing transport between cells. Biophys. J. 117(11):2154-2165. 


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Tobias Galla

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