Electron quantum optics using single-electron sources in high-frequency nanoelectronics

Controlling quantum coherent electrons in a time-resolved fashion is essential for quantum technologies using nanoelectronics such as realizing flying qubits, quantum metrology, and quantum sensing. Inspired by the technology using photons, there has been demonstrations of quantum optics experiments by controlling a few electrons instead of photons. In such experiment, a single-electron source is operated by dynamically controlling a nanodevice in GHz and it generates a single-electron wave packet. Then, Hanbury-Brown Twiss experiment and quantum tomography using the electron have been demonstrated, showing nontrivial effects probably due to the interaction among the electrons and Pauli exclusion principal. In this talk, I will introduce these studies, and present my contributions about the generation and detection using a single-electron source based on dynamic quantum dot.

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Llorenç Serra
971 17 28 05
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