Characterization and simulation of multipartite open quantum systems

  • PhD Thesis Defense

  • Marco Cattaneo
  • Algorithmiq (Helsinki, Finland), PhD student of UIB (IFISC) and the University of Helsinki
  • 24 de febrer de 2023 a les 11:00
  • IFISC Seminar Room
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Motivated by renewed studies on dissipative collective effect and by new discoveries about the features of noise in quantum computers, the interest in multipartite open quantum systems has recently risen. A dissipative collective effect may be defined as the coherent interference of the emissions (and/or absorptions) of many quantum particles interacting with external environments. Multipartite open quantum systems are open systems made of multiple subsystems, which can interact with each other and at the same time may be coupled to local and/or collective environments. The characterization and simulation of the dynamics of multipartite open quantum systems is the topic of this doctoral dissertation. The thesis addresses methodological questions, phenomenological predictions, and also presents an experimental implementation on a quantum computer. These contributions include the description and characterization of a general master equation for Markovian multipartite open quantum systems, and some new procedures for the analog and digital quantum simulation thereof. 

Jury: Anna Sanpera (UAB, Spain), Paolo Muratore (University of Helsinki, Finland), John Goold (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)

Supervisors:  S. Maniscalco, R. Zambrini, G.L. Giorgi, M.A.C. Rossi

Presential in the  IFISC seminar room with parallel Zoom stream at



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Roberta Zambrini

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