The LINC school will be held in the Campus of the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB), Palma de Mallorca, Spain (see Google map). The island of Mallorca is very well connected with the rest of Spain and Europe with its international "Son Sant Joan" airport (airport code PMI), the only airport on the island of Mallorca. The airport lies 8 kilometers east of Palma.

Students will be lodged in the Student Residence in the Campus. This will promote interactions among the participants beyond the school courses.

Go to Workshop if you look for venue information but you are comming only to the LINC workshop on Thursday September 13th


The UIB Campus is located 7.5 km from Palma downtown, and is in the middle of a scenic landscape, and quite close to the mountains in the "Serra de Tramuntana" range.

Courses will be held in the IFISC premises and in a computer room at the Mateu Orfila building. Look at the Google map in this page to see the location of the IFISC building. The metro station is also marked in that map.

Here is another map of the campus with IFISC and Mateu Orfila buildings, student residence and metro station indicated. 


How to go from the airport to the UIB students residence

At the Airport take the Bus Line 1 to Plaza España (or Plaça d'Espanya; this is Palma's downtown). The stop is outside the Airport Arrivals' Hall. There is one bus every 12-15 minutes. Ticket price: 2.50 EUR.

From Plaza España to the UIB you can either take another bus or the metro:

The bus number 19 will take you directly to the campus residence (ticket price 1.50 EUR). Bus frequency is about one every 15 minutes. Trip time is about 30 minutes. Residence is the second stop in the campus. For more information on Bus schedules visit the EMT web page. WARNING!: If you come in Saturday or Sunday, the bus number 19 does not opperate. You can take instead the bus number 9, passing through Plaza España once every hour.

You can also take the Metro (subway). There is only one line that starts in Plaza España (marked as Estació Intermodal in ticket machines) and ends in the UIB campus. Ticket price is 1.50 EUR. Keep the ticket until the end, since it is needed to leave the station. The Metro stop and the Student's residence are located at opposite sides of the UIB campus, therefore if you take the metro you will have to walk to get to the residence (around one kilometer). On Saturdays and Sundays there is one metro departing from Plaza España at 6:30, then one every 30 minutes from 7:30 to 21:00 and finally an additional one at 22:00h. From Monday to Friday the typical frequency is 15 minutes. More information on Metro schedules can be found at this page.

Alternativelly you can also take a Taxi from the Airport to the UIB Students Residence. Taxis can be found just outside the Airport Arrivals Hall. The price depends on the number of suitcases and time of the day, typically between 25 and 30 EUR.


Tourist information offices

Here you can find information on the Tourist Information offices (more info).