The OSA - IFISC Student Chapter is a group of Ph.D. students of IFISC (Institute for Cross-Disciplinary Physics and Complex Systems, CSIC-UIB) and the Physics Department of the UIB (University of the Balearic Islands) with a broad spectrum of ongoing research for their Thesis but with a common interest in Optics. Our advisor is Dr. Roberta Zambrini.

The OSA (Optical Society of America) promotes the Student Chapters with the aim to establish collaboration networks with other students, participate in outreaching activities, and encourage the interest in optics of undergraduate students and the general public.

Last news and events

Tomeu Seguí visit

Last week we had the pleasent visit over two days of Tomeu Seguí. Tomeu Seguí is a comic artist and illustrator, born in Palma de Mallorca, with an extensive and prolific career with publications in spanish and french-speaking magazines. He created the publications of comic magazines for kids "Rifi Rafe" and "Esquitx". He won in 2009 the National Comic Prize with his work as illustrator in "Las serpientes ciegas" as illustrator in collaboration with Felipe Hernández Cava, and in 2010 he won the Premi Ciutat de Palma de Còmic as the illustrator of the graphical novel "Historias del Barrio". 


tomeusegui_1            tomeusegui_2                            
tomeusegui_3 tomeusegui_4
tomeusegui_5 tomeusegui_6


Paintground with Laser Graffiti

After the inauguration of the Exposition 'Ilumínate' at the Casal Solleric, we moved the Laser Graffiti inside. We placed it in a balcony facing the opposite wall from the patio's skylight every afternoon during 10 days between 17:30 and 20:30. At that location kids and adults could gather around the set up and use it to paint beautifully for hours. Parents were very happy to see their kids excited for painting on the wall with vivid colours, but wasn't unusual to witness parents that didn't want to miss such opportunity to let their inner kid out, and paint once again on the walls. So it was really satisfying to see that everybody loved it: kids were astonished, parents were glad, and the artist that heared about us and came to try were surprised by our little project. Some high school students came to visit the exposition in the afternoon to have a chance to also participate in the laser graffiti 

Next we show a compilation of pictures over the days. You can see people around the table with the laser graffiti set up, and some drawings by people. guess which ones were drawn by kids and which by adults!


High School Students visiting the Exposition Kids visiting the Exposition
Drawing 1 Drawing 2
Drawing 3 Drawing 4
Drawing 5 Drawing 6



'Ilumínate' Inauguration

On Thursday we inaugurated the exposition 'Ilumínate' at the Casal Solleric in Palma de Mallorca. The complete student chapter (advisor included!) helped in the organization and set up of the exposition and their experiments, and we also included our brand new Laser Graffiti. The Casal solleric is a 18th century upper class building, with strong roots to the social and economic history of Mallorca. Nowadays is owned by the townhall as an art and cultural center. The inauguration was a big event, and we could use the Laser Graffiti in front of the building on its magnificient balconies and statues. The artistic skills provided by the presence of local artists with us at the event resulted in beautiful projections on this beloved building, In this case, the audience could not join us drawing, but they did in fact joined us by enjoying the art like us: by looking at the wall and how it got filled with bright colours under the Christmas blinking lights that floods the streets of the city.


      Local artists using the set up                   Drawings!
drawing 2 Osa logo on the wall!
outside_5 outside_6





Local comic artists using our Laser Graffiti

Over the last couple of months we have been building a laser graffiti set up thanks to the economic support of the OSA Youth Education grant and to the software provided for free by Theodore Watson (info and source code here).

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