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Science highlights

  • Press coverage for the kick-off meeting of the ADOPD project on adaptive optical dendrites (October 2020).
    Diario de Mallorca. [LINK (spanish)]

  • Comment about the Nobel prize in laser physics (October 2018).
    El Mundo. Baleópolis. [PDF (spanish)]

  • Interview on the press about AI (August 2018).
    Science et vie, nr. 1211, p. 86. [PDF (french)]

  • Viewpoint: Reservoir computing speeds up (February 2017).
    Author: Miguel C. Soriano (Physics 10, 12). [PDF (english)]

  • Research agreement signed between IFISC and Nuubo wearable medical technologies (July 2015).
    PI: Miguel C. Soriano and Claudio R. Mirasso. [PDF (spanish)]

  • Researchers of IFISC emphasize the merits of chaotic light sources. (April 2013).
    Authors: Miguel C. Soriano, Jordi Garcia-Ojalvo, Claudio R. Mirasso and Ingo Fischer. [PDF (spanish)]

  • Our manuscript on all-optical reservoir computing is published in Nature Communications and highlighted in the cover page of (January 2013).
    Authors: Daniel Brunner, Miguel C. Soriano, Claudio R. Mirasso and Ingo Fischer. [PDF (catalan)]

  • Our work in Photonic Reservoir Computing with optoelectronic systems is highlighted in Nature Physics News and Views. (April 2012). [PDF (english)]

  • The research project Phocus is funded by the European Commission within the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) in the domain of Future and Emerging Technologies (FET-Open). (April 2010). [PDF (spanish)]
    Key UIB members: Miguel C. Soriano and Claudio R. Mirasso.

  • Outreach activities

  • The photonics group of IFISC promotes the 2015 International Year of Light (April 2015). [PDF (spanish)]

  • The Science and Technology week at IFISC (November 2013). [PDF (catalan)]

  • High-school students visit IFISC during The Science and Technology week (November 2009). [PDF (catalan)]