Roberta Zambrini
Brief vitae

Roberta Zambrini graduated in Physics at the Universitá degli Studi (Milan, Italy) in 1999 with a Master Thesis supervised by Prof. Lugiato. In 2003 she obtained the PhD in Physics at the Universitat de les Illes Balears (Palma de Mallorca, Spain) under the supervision of Prof. San Miguel. Between 2003 and 2006 she worked at the Department of Physics of the University of Strathclyde (Glasgow, UK) in Prof. Barnett group. In 2006 she was awarded a Ramon y Cajal fellowship and from 2008 she is tenured researcher ("Cientifico Titular") of the Spanish research council CSIC at IFISC (Spain).

Research lines
Complex quantum systems
Quantum synchronization. Open systems, decoherence and dissipation in structured environments. Quantum networks. Non-markovianity and memory effects. Quantum information and correlations. Spatio-temporal instabilities. Quantum thermodynamics.
Quantum (and classical) optics
Multimode nonlinear optical cavities, quantum aspects of instabilities and pattern formation, photonic crystals and periodic systems, angular momentum uncertainty relations. Quantum correlations. Nano-mechanical systems (in progress)
Classical aspects of optical pattern formation, photonic crystals, convective instabilities, nonlocality. Mechanical properties of light, optical angular momentum.

All papers available in our database. Both preprints and publications.
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PI of the research projects:
- EPHEQUCS, Emergent phenomena and decoherence in quantum complex systems, MINECO (2017-19)
- NOMAQ, Non-Markovian effects in stuctured environments, MINECO (2015-2017)
- QuProCS, Quantum probes for complex systems, H2020 FET-PROACTIVE Q-SIM (2015-2018). Coord. S.Maniscalco
- DiSQuC, Dinamica de Sistemas Cuanticos Complejos, UIB (2010-11)
- ECuSCo, Efectos Cuanticos en Sistemas Complejos, CSIC (2008-09)
- QULMI, Quantum light in microdevices, Govern Balear (2007-08)

Participation in other research projects (more recent):
- FISICOS, Fisica Interdisciplinar de Sistemas Complejos, Proyecto Consolider C, FIS2007-60327 (2007-2011). Coordinator: Prof. M. San Miguel
- COQUSYS, Complexity and Quantum Systems, CSIC (2009-2012). Coordinator: Prof. M. San Miguel
- TIQS, Transport and quantum information in complex systems (2012-2014). Coordinator: Dr. Llorens Serra

Participation in research networks (more recent):
- MC member of COST action 1209 (international network, 2014-2017): Thermodynamics in the quantum regime (MP1209)
- Part of the management of RICE (Spanish Network, 2014-2016): Quantum Information Network
- Part of the management of RICTE (Spanish Network, 2017-2019): Quantum Information and technologies Network


Master in Physics of Complex Systems at IFISC. 2012-present:
Introduction to complex systems;
Quantum physics for complex systems;
Quantum and nonlinear optics.


RZ is advisor of the OSA-IFISC student chapter from 2009. During these years the student chapter has organized solar car races, laser graffiti, modern optics days, etc..being present at the balearic islands science fair several times. A lot of fun!


Exploratory workshop "Complex Quantum Systems", IFISC, Mallorca, Spain. Organizers: R. Zambrini and D. Sanchez
"Second Quantum Themodynamics Conference", IFISC, Mallorca, Spain. Organizers: R. Zambrini, F.Galve, R. Lopez, D. Sanchez, and L.Serra.
ICE-3 conference and first RICE school , IFISC, Mallorca, Spain. Organizers: F.Galve, G.L.Giorgi, T.Borras, and R.Zambrini.
II QuProCS meeting, IFISC, Mallorca, Spain. Organizers: F.Galve and R.Zambrini.
Crossroads in Complex Systems , 5-8 June 2017, IFISC, Mallorca, Spain, on occasion of the 10th anniversary of IFISC (Institute for Cross-Disciplinary Physics and Complex Systems. Organizers: P. Colet, E. Hernández-García, M. Matías, M. San Miguel, R. Toral, R. Zambrini.


Roberta Zambrini: tenured researcher at IFISC
Office 206, Ed. Instituts Universitari, Campus UIB, E-07122, Mallorca, Spain
tel: +34 971 259519, fax: +34 971 173426